Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our Weekend Part 1

Well we had a big weekend, 3 full days! First I will share Jon's adventure, he went antelope hunting in Faith SD with my dad, brother, his uncle and a friend from Ivanhoe. They left on Friday morning at the crack of dawn and came home last night around supper time and Jon took a camera to give me some pictures to share with everyone. I do not know all the stories yet but will show you come pictures I liked. In one of the pictures Jon's pickup is on 3 wheels because they where going into a ditch and hit a pot hole and the tire went in and they almost rolled the pickup (mom do not freak out they are all okay). So of course being boys they got out and took a picture most people would try to get it back on 4 wheels!


dhealy said...


I figured out how to print that first picture - I'm so excited!


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