Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our Weekend Part 2

Alright since Jon was hunting all weekend Trevor and I attended a wedding. A very good friend of mine got married in Hendricks and the reception was in Brooking and she asked me to be her candid photographer. I had a great time, 448 pictures of great times to be exact. I will post some of my favorites along with pictures of Trevor tearing up the dance floor.


Amber said...

What is the rhinestone Mrs. Stensland on?

dhealy said...

I was curious about that too - is it a robe??

What a dancing guy - he's shaking his butt like Garfield and Odie!!!


Amber said...

One of her bridesmaids gave you a hoodie to wear in the morning when she was getting her hair done and it is on the back of that.

Jennifer said...

Great pics, Amber! Everything looked beautiful. Which church is that? I love the simple, cozy atmosphere.

Amber said...

The church is Christ Luthern on the north edge of Hendricks, you have probably driven by it tons of times.

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