Monday, December 15, 2008

What a weekend

Well this past weekend was anything but boring. Friday night he went to Madison to a Christmas Party that my aunt has every year. We had dinner at 6pm and then everyone brought a $10 gift and we draw numbers to see who gets to go first (numbers 1-25) so lots of people where there. I ended up with a cake pan, cake mixes and frosting, Jon got a cooler and a 6 pack of beer and Trevor got a new truck. It is always fun to do this every year and to see everyone again, Trevor also has a good time with all my cousins since now he is at an age where he likes to go off and play with them.
Saturday we went to Langford for Jon's uncles wedding which was at 6pm with a reception following and when that was over it was starting to get bad out but we decided to go to the dance anyway. By 10pm we all had made the decision to head home before the storm really hits and we would be stuck there, it is a good thing we made that decision because the interstate was closed Sunday and so we never would of made it home.
Yesterday was spent relaxing and watching movies! Here are some pictures from the weekend.....

This is Lacie my cousin's little girl.

Trevor is playing with Lacie's new tractor.

Madison and Kailey

Kailey Hula Hooping

Mike was wearing a suit, I just had to get this on camera.


Everyone Hula Hooping

Even MIKE!


dhealy said...

I'm sure glad there were at least a few dancers. It looks like a good time was had by all...


Jennifer said...

Aw...looks like fun!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics!!!!! Glad everyone got home safe.

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