Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1/2 Birthday

Yesterday was Trevor's 1/2 birthday at school!! Some of you are probably wondering what the heck that means, well if someone has a birthday in the summer the teacher sets a date where they can celebrate their 1/2 birthday so this way everyone has a birthday during school. Yesterday when we got to school he had a sign above his cubby that said "Happy Birthday Trevor 3 1/2" there was also balloons. He was in heaven!!! So everyone sang Happy Birthday to him and he got to pick 2 presents out of the treasure box and he picked the same matchbox car so he got 2 the same, go figure! He also got to wear a star on his shirt and was the special helper all day. This is such a cute idea and a way to make the kids feel good because he sure did!!


Jennifer said...

As someone with a summer birthday, I LOVE that idea!!

dhealy said...

What a great day for our little guy!! He looks very proud...

Gramma Diney

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