Monday, January 26, 2009


Well this past weekend Trevor had another first, we took him bowling! He loved it!! We went with my brother and his girlfriend so the 4 of us had a lane and then we got Trevor his own lane so he could bumper bowl his heart out. Before the night was over he had bowled 4 games with 112 being his highest score. I am not sure if he had more fun throwing the ball down the alley and waiting to see how many pins it knocked over or waiting for his ball to come back through the machine. We will definatly take him again soon!!

He first has to sit and think about it

Then he rolls it.....

The he races back to see it come through the machine!

He is going for a spare & he GOT it!!

YEAH, he was so proud!!

Can you tell he was having fun?

I love how he would stand and wait to see what would happen!

By the 4th game he was very tired!!


Jennifer said...

Oh how cute! He scored 112? He would definitely beat me with a score like that!

Amber said...

Yes he got a 112 but remember it was bumper bowling so he never got a gutter ball.

dhealy said...

I can't believe that they had shoes in his size! You guys sure provide him with lots of fun activities!!


Dawn said...

How cute is that. All that matters is he had fun doing it. A nice activity to do as a family.

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