Monday, January 12, 2009

The Renovation Begins

Since we have moved into our new home which has been 1 year and 3 months now we have wanted to renovate the basement hallway, closet and bedroom. The family room in the basement is really nice but the rest of the basement was not up to par, it had drop down ceiling from the hallway on and ugly old tile in the bedroom and not to mention all the horrible bumps and bad taping in the sheetrock. Well with the baby on the way we now need the office upstairs for the nursery so the bedroom downstairs will become the new office/toy room. The bad news is that if you stay over night at our home you will have to sleep on a very nice blow up matress instead of a full size bed which will become Trevor's.
So just last week we thought what the heck lets get started and man did we really mean that, the basement from the hallway to the closet to the bedroom is torn down to the stone walls and nice carpet which we have covered.
When we first started Jon gave Trevor a hammer and said here you go get to work and well he did just that, he loved every minute!!

First swing

A few more after that

About a half an hour later

And back to work he goes


dhealy said...

This is just too funny!! I bet Trevor just loved every swing of the hammer.


Amber said...

Child labor...aren't their laws against that?

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