Monday, February 23, 2009

Come and Gone

This weekend has come and gone so fast I do not even know where to start. Friday night I had to work for a little bit so Jon and Trevor just hung out at home watching TV. Saturday morning I also had to work at 6:30am so Jon got a head start on the basement project and Trevor went with Greg to Madison to finish remodeling my aunt and uncle's bathroom. Trevor had a great time playing with the kids, he was one tired boy Saturday night. We met in Madison for supper and on the way home he fell asleep and that normally does not happen.

Sunday I got crazy and decided to move all the furniture around again. The reason this started is because on Saturday Jon and I went to Rude's to look for a bed for Trevor and in looking we found a corner stand for our TV which I have wanted since we moved in. We go home to measure the TV and come to find out our TV is way toooo big and will not work on a corner stand because it will stick out to far. Then this is where it all started Jon said "well lets move the room around so it makes sense and not have the TV in the corner". So we racked our brains the rest of the day and came up with a plan. BUT the plan included moving our furniture that was in the basement upstairs because then when the baby comes we want to have a rocking chair upstairs because right now we do not. We started with the sectional upstairs and that was too big so we made it into a normal size couch so that and the big fluffy chair went down stairs and the couch and rocker down stairs came back upstairs. Good thing my brother was there to help because man did it suck! Now that this is all said and done Jon and I both agree that the layout that we have now is awesome!!!! Our living room is twice the size it ways just 2 days ago! I am not posting pictures yet, you will have to come and take a look.

Once that whole ordeal was done Jon went to work in the basement, he tore up the rest of the carpet and bathroom flooring downstairs. Then he started on the laundry room floor fixing all the tiles and getting ready to lay down the ones we had to tear up to fix the floor. He got all the old grout and broken tiles up and even glued down the new ones along with the ones that he had to cut. So that had to sit over night and now tonight he can grout the new tiles and put the trim back on and the laundry room will be done!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!! Jon does such an awesome job, you can not even tell we had to tear up the whole floor!


Jennifer said...

How about some living room pictures? Some of us live far away and can't stop by to see your living room!!

Dawn said...

I agree with the pics. Plus I don't really know you other than through your blog. You might think I am nut showing up on your door step saying I am here to see the new layout in your living room.

Sounds like you had a busy and fullfilling weekend. And the laundry room floor looks awesome like the day you put it in.

Unknown said...

I am anxious to see the new arrangement - you two are always coming up with good ideas!

It's great that you will have your nice laundry room back in use again. Mine is coming along nicely, too! We are both lucky that Jon is so talented!!


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