Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Daddy's Helper

Jon has been working over time on our basement trying to get things put back together and Trevor has been at his side each and every day. We got all the concrete jack hammered up and hauled out (I should say Jon did it all) and then Monday he stayed home and got the new plumbing in and then dirt back on the top of it. So last night him and Trevor filled it back up with concrete. Jon just bought the concrete by the bag and had to haul each bag down stairs just to let you know how much work that is he hauled 20 bags at 60lbs each totaling 1200lbs man did I feel sorry for him working so hard. So they put each bag down and had to mix it with water and Trevor was a very good helper I was suprised, Jon would tell him to start mixing and he did just that.

Can you tell Trevor takes his job seriously?

During this whole project Trevor really needed to listen to Jon and at times it was tough and he got a little pouty and the one time I was done there Trevor did not like Jon's instructions so he went and stood in the corner. I went over to him and said Trevor you better help daddy he really needs you and then Jon said the same, Trevor came around the corner and said "I am not done pouting yet" Jon and I about lost it!!!


Unknown said...

That is just too funny - what a kid!!

There's a bit of a plumber's crack showing in the first picture of Trevor...cute!


Jennifer said...

That is so cute! What a great helper. Is Trevor available for kitchen remodels?

Amber said...

I knew someone would point out the plumbing crack. Last night I was teasing him about it and he said "mom stop making fun of me, it is not nice".

ryanandkate said...

What a huge project! Good thing Jon has such a good little helper!

Ryan and Kate

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