Monday, February 9, 2009

What A MESS!

What a mess is putting it mildly!!!! Since we have finished our laundry room and everything perfect the plumbing has been acting up, like whenever I wash clothes tons of water comes out of the drain and floods the laundry room and it is gross and smells. So we knew we had to replace the pipes under the floor because the original ones are copper (Jon thinks everyone should have plastic) and where not big enough to handle the water from the washing machine, sink in the kitchen and dish washer.

Today he is home because last night we tore up the whole floor from the laundry room to the downstairs bathroom including the bathroom floor. Oh my gosh what a mess!!! He is at home as we speak putting all new piping in and then filling the floor back in with dirt and then we will pour concrete back over the top. After that is done we will have to retile the laundry room floor along with new carpeting throughout the basement. Oh yeah and replace everything in the downstairs bathroom (toilet, sink etc) since we are doing this Jon is going to redo the floor plan in that bathroom because you could hardly move in there, when we are done it is going to look awesome!!

The once perfect laundry room floor.

The hallway in the basement through the closet, all carpet is torn up and thrown away.

The wonderful bathroom!

It is a darn good thing Jon knows how to do all of this because otherwise it would of been $2,000-$5,000 to fix. Instead it is costing us around $100 for the supplies and the labor is FREE!

Jon just called to inform he that the pipe was actually broken completely in half!!! So if we would of waited any longer we would of been in trouble!


Unknown said...

Wow - what a mess is right! You are right when you say you are lucky that Jon can do this stuff....although I don't know where he gets this talent??


Jennifer said...

Looks like a big project! Can't wait to see the finished product.

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