Tuesday, March 10, 2009

20 Weeks

Today we had our 20 week appointment and things went awesome!! The babies heart beat was 145, my blood pressure and weight where all really good. We also got to have another ultrasound and yes we found out what are having but are going to keep it a secret, so mom you can contine to read. We where in the ultrasound room for 30 minutes because the baby was on the move, it was kicking and squirming all around so it was hard for the doctor to get all the measurments. The one thing she noticed was the legs are very long, so that is kind of interesting. We did get one picture and it is not very good but I will post it anyway, it is of the back (spine) and the head.



Amber said...

I'm guessing a baby brother for T-Man!

Jennifer said...

Baby's lookin' good!

Amber said...

Anyone else want to guess, you have a 50/50 chance??

Amber 2 why do you say boy?

Jennifer said...

Are you going to tell us if we're right or not? If not, I will keep my guess to myself. :)

Amber said...

No because then that will ruin the suprise!

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