Thursday, March 12, 2009

Toast & Tea

This week at Trevor's school they are learning all about the letter "T". To him it is the greatest thing in the world because T means Trevor, as he would say. So today they had a toast and tea party for the kids and their parents from 8:30-9:00. I went with Trevor and he was so excited that I could stay longer then just dropping him off. When we first got there his teacher gave him a big huge and then he was off showing me all the new fun toys (all the toys change every week). This week in the sensory table it was teal sand with treasure in it and he was just in heaven. So we made our way over to get some toast and juice (tea) and the teacher said he could eat anywhere in the room so Trevor picked over by the tool table. Imagine that!!! Here he is while eating toast playing with the tool set:

Then before it was time for all the parents to leave the kids got in a circle and sang us "I am a little tea pot" it was very cute and just to note that Trevor had that drill in his hands the whole time!!!


Unknown said...

That is just too cute!!


Jennifer said...

Oh, how fun! Sounds like they do lots of neat activities there.

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