Monday, May 18, 2009


Were the heck have I been?? Well on a blogging break I guess!

So to catch you up this past weekend we went to Okoboji with Jon's family to celebrate Diane and Dennis's 40 wedding anniversary. Jon or myself have never been to Okoboji so it was a great experience, our resort was very nice with a huge indoor water park which was a bonus since the weather was only in the 60's. We also got to visit Arnold's Park and Trevor had a blast there going on all the rides. Here is a picture overload of our weekend.
My boys taking a ride on the lazy river!
Trevor wanted his own tube
This was his favorite slide, he went down it like 100 times!
Showing off his new shades
Vance and Jennifer

Jon and I

Jon, Jennifer and Jack relaxing on the lazy river

Waiting for a 500 gallon dump of water

There it is!!! Look at Trevor just look at them!

Some mean looking sharks

Gotta love my boys


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I love your pictures!!

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