Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Save The Date

Everyone knows that Trevor's party is soon among us so I am telling everyone to mark there calendars for June 20th to help us come and celebrate Trevor's birthday. Every year I take him to get his pictures professionaly done but this year since the baby will be here in July I wanted to wait and take them with the baby. So tonight I ventured out to take his photos myself and they turned our really well, I am very happy with them. I am also in the process of making his invite myself with a computer program but until you can see it I have decided to post a few photos to give you an idea of what we did.

I am also very excited that I am learning how to use my camera better and not to mention photoshop! Take a look see and let me know what you think.


Unknown said...

The pictures are beautiful! Did you have to twist his arm or is he getting better about taking pictures??

Anonymous said...

so was he actually in a forest, or is that photoshop?


Amber said...

He did really well!! I only had to ask him once and he did it, I was shocked!

Vance yes it was actually a forest, cool place if you ask me!

Jennifer said...

Nice pics!!

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