Monday, February 19, 2007

Potty Training!

Well this weekend was another fun filled weekend of potty training! Trevor does a good job of letting us know when it is that time but other times he gets to involved with things and forgets to mention it. He does a really good job at daycare and maybe that is because all the other kids there are also learning how to go potty or it is just fun to go with other people, I am not sure. Although there is one thing that he does like a pro and that is always making sure he has some kind of reading material with him. He sure does take after his daddy when it comes to this. The funny part of it all is that he just sits there and waits and then says "ALL DONE" and we help him off. Once he gets off the toilet he always looks at me like "mommy do not forget to flush". Hopefully soon he will be 100% potty trained and no more diapers!


Anonymous said...

Cool Picture, teach me how..

Anonymous said...

Amber - I love this! I will be anxious to open this each day and see what's new. Can't wait for Mom to see it too!

Anonymous said...

Looks great. What a way to keep in touch. Can we share pictures back and forth with you this way? Do not know that much about blogging but am anxious to learn.

We are having a nice (warm) time in AZ. Will be back to the cold around the middle of March. Time has just gone by way too fast.

Reed and Deanna

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