Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Trucks & Tractors

As all of you all may know Trevor just loves anything with a big machine! He will just sit and stare if there is anything in the form of a big truck or tractor. Every time we go over to my mom and dad's he will look out the window and say "bapa's truck, vurmmm" since my dad works with tractors and trucks everyday there are a lot of them around the farm. Anytime we go over to Dennis and Diane's house and he hears a big truck going by he will run to the window and want to see the big trucks go by, it is just hilarious! For a kid who is not even 2 he has the best hearing I know. Well Saturday night after the big party we stayed at my mom and dad's house and Sunday morning my dad had to get up and go blow snow with his TRACTOR blower. Oh my gosh this was a big deal, all Trevor could say was "WOW mommy look at bapa". So we got Trevor all suited up and outside to help my dad blow snow in the tractor, he thought he was in heaven! I took a picture because it was so cute! It is just amazing to me how much he loves trucks and tractors, every night before bedtime we have to read his truck book (most of the time we read it more then twice).


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