Monday, January 28, 2008

Successful Weekend

Well we had another successful weekend at the Healy home. Saturday Trevor spent the day with grandma Diane and grandpa Dennis so Jon and I could do some work in the basement. Jon got all the walls up, sheet rocked and 1 coat of tape and mud on. Wow that is good if you ask me!! Saturday we took a break and went to Nick's Hamburgers and my grandma and grandpa where there and they bought us lunch.....thank you!! Then we spent the rest of the weekend cleaning out the garage since it was so nice out. We have an attic in our garage so Jon got some boards to lay down up there so we could use it for storage and I helped him haul up the Christmas tree, Christmas decor and tons of hunting stuff. I was so excited to get all of this done because it has been on your list since we have moved in. Trevor was also busy helping us and playing in the snow!!
This first picture is of Trevor on Sunday afternoon watching Chicken Little he feel asleep, I guess grandma and grandpa Healy really wore him out!!

These next 3 pictures are of our laundry room, we have decided to make a closet in there for more storage so it makes the room look smaller but who needs a huge laundry room?? The pedestal below the window is for the washer and dryer and Jon will tile that to match the floor.

Pedestal for washer and dryer and sump pump closet

The pictures are kind of blurry because of all the sheet rock dust in the air. And this is a picture of the closet we added.

And the last 2 pictures are of Trevor having some fun in the snow.


Jennifer said...

Aw, I want to play with Trevor in the snow! I'm bringing my snow pants when we visit.

Amber said...

He will love that, he was outside for 2 hours yesterday!! Maybe you can help him make a snowman?

Amber said...

Weekend warriors: do you ever have a weekend of nothing?!?!

Thanks for visiting Healy Happenings and come back soon!