Thursday, June 12, 2008

As seen on Kelo-land

Did anyone watch Kelo-land news last night?? Well if you did not you missed a great story about ARAMARK at SDSU. Here it is in case you missed it!

A recent South Dakota State University grad is getting the chance of a lifetime to spend at least two months in China for the Summer Olympics.Arian Brandt never dreamed her college job at the SDSU Student Union would lead to Beijing. But when the opportunity came, she knew she had to take it. A knack for event planning earned 22-year-old Brandt a position with Aramark, the food service company that serves the Brookings campus. It's also the same company that landed the contract to serve the Olympics this summer, so she applied to work the event overseas. "And then come March, I got a call kind of randomly, a voicemail,” Brandt said. “And when I found out I called everybody! Called my mom, called my friends, I was pretty excited." She's done many events, from small refreshment tables just like this, to large university banquets and parties. But nothing will compare to what she'll encounter in Beijing. "We have five major venues which in them have five or six eating establishment in each of those. Everything from coffee shops to tea houses to special events to Pizza Hut and McDonald's," she said. "I do know I'll probably be serving athletes and the press and coaches more than spectators and stuff. I think it's like 6.1 million meals at least, in the time we're there." Brandt will certainly learn more about event planning, her chosen field, but she'll also get to experience the Olympic Games and live in another part of the world. "I've never even traveled internationally, but I'm pretty excited that I get to say, 'I lived in Beijing for two months,'" said Brandt. Her trek from Brookings to Beijing begins June 30th. Aramark is sending 6,000 food service workers and 700 managers to China for the Olympic Games.

Yes this whole story says it all, I worked with Arian for about a year when I helped with catering and got to know you pretty well. This is one of the perks of working for ARAMARK getting a chance in a lifetime to work at the olympics and going to China. I could of gone if I wanted too but that would mean being gone from my family for 6 months but it is a perfect situation for a single person. In fact the manager who trained me in when I started here is over in China also. Managers will work over there around 6 months and students or student managers will be there around 2 months. This year it was a chance to go to China and last year it was Alaska, I wonder what it will be next year??


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