Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Party Invite!

Well everyone should of gotten their party invite by now for our baby's 3rd birthday party. He is super excited!!! He is telling everyone that he is having a party on Saturday and it is for him because it is his birthday!! Normally we have a graduation, birthday party or something to go to and I always say "we are going to a party for so and so" but now we can say "we are having a party for Trevor and only for Trevor"! I hope a lot of you can make it because it is going to be a great time!! I have rented a big blow up seaworld thing to jump in (weight limit is 1000 pounds) so adults can jump too. We also have a snow cone machine coming over and lots of fun things to do so do not miss it!!!

The invite was done by Jessica Rae Photography, she did a great job!!! Check her out at


Dawn said...

Sounds like fun. That invite is sooo cute. We are probably going to do a Elmo themed party for my daughter this year. She is all about elmo.

Happy Birthday Trevor!!!!!!
Have a wonderful party, can't wait to see pics.

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