Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Trevor

Well Saturday Trevor turned 3!!! We had a great turn out for the party and it was an awesome day. I want to thank everyone for the gifts and everyone for coming especially Jennifer and Chris from driving all the way from Minneapolis we really appreciated it. Trevor got lots and lots of toys and yes grandma Dottie he loved the tractor and trailer in fact he took a bath with it and even took it to bed so it was a huge hit. I of course have way too many pictures to post so I will post some of my favorites.
Thanks again to everyone!!


Dawn said...

That looks like an awesome b-day. I love that cake. Where did you get that at? My daughter's b-day is the end of aug I am looking for a place to get her a unique b-day cake.

The inflatable looked like it was a ton of fun. Even for the adults.

Amber said...

Since I manage a bakery at SDSU I pulled some strings to find a very unique cake. We are closed all summer so my bakery supervisor made it from her house, she did a great job! I found a picture of that cake on the internet and showed her the picture and asked if she could do that and her response was "of course I can".

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