Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our New Fridge

When I left work yesterday I had no idea that I would be getting a new fridge but man was it a good suprise. Our old fridge was the one that was in the house when we bought it and it was not that bad except that I had to use DUCK TAPE to hold the shelves in place and last week it started to freeze things like a dozen eggs. We have been on the look out for one but when you do your research fridges are very expensive. We did not want anything fancy just something almond to match all the other appliances. Well Jon has been shingling this house about 3 blocks from our house and I know the couple since he is the assistant director of the Student Union I see him everyday (this is why he got the shingling job). Well I went to visit Jon last week and noticed this nice fridge they had in there garage maybe 2 years old. It had double doors, freezer on left and fridge on right along with a water and ice dispensor on the door, I am thinking to myself how perfect is that fridge for us. I told Jon next time Keith was around to ask him if it was for sale and if so we wanted it at a good price!! Well Jon called last night about 8pm and said he just bought that fridge for $250! Hell yeah that is a great deal! It is only 2 years old and when they moved in 6 months ago they bought all new appliances so it has been in the garage since then so really it is very new and it great shape.

So he loaded it up and brought it home, they were so happy to get it out of there garage and I was happy to have a fridge without DUCK TAPE on the shelves. The best part is that they just took the $250 out of what they owed him so we did not have to come up with the money, it was a win win situation for both parties!!

Here is the old one that will be a great beer and pop fridge in the garage!

Here is the new one, it is bigger but does not take up that much more space then the old one did.

Once I filled the outside up with all the pictures and stuff it fit right in like the old one did.

The best part is all the room it has in the door for milk, juice and big containers I LOVE IT!


Jennifer said...

WOW! What a great deal.

Anonymous said...
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