Monday, August 11, 2008

Polish Days

Well this past weekend was another successful weekend for Polish Days in Ivanhoe, MN. We had a great time, too much fun actually! I look forward to this weekend all year long because of all the people I get to see and have not seen in a while. Most of my class mates from high school come home and most of Jon's friends are home so it is a must every year. We now have it on the calendar for next year. I think that it is also funny how EVERY year it rains at least some and this year was no different. It rained Saturday night for a little over an hour and most people would think that would put a damper on things but man are they wrong. You just find the nearest shelter with a keg a beer in it and you stay there until the rain stops and that is just what we did. It was probably a bad thing for Jon because that is what really put him over the edge but we have to remember that is what Polish Days is about. We were also very lucky this year because Jennifer came home and also brought her friend Melissa with, so with all of us and our friends there was never a dull moment.
Here are some of my favorite snap shots from Polish Days 2008!

Jack let me wear his sunglasses for just one picture, I was honored!

This picture cracks me up everytime I look at it, Jen and I were laughing at something and then Jack just sticks his head in there!


Jennifer said...

awesome pics! I like this selection better than some you put on facebook. :)

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