Friday, August 22, 2008

Trimming a Tree

You would think that trimming a branch off a tree would be no big deal right? Well Trevor's sandbox is really close to some bushes and so I asked Jon to just trim the branch that is very long and hanging over the top of Trevor's sandbox. No big deal right? Well I was mowing lawn and needed some water so I ran in the house and got some water and went to the bathroom and this is what I found when I walked outside about 5 minutes later:

He cut down the WHOLE tree! I said "Jon what are you doing"? He replies with "well I thought it was an ugly tree anyway so I cut it down"!

I would also like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my grandpa Kenny!!


Jennifer said...

I guess the moral is be careful what you wish for (and don't leave the scene). I actually think it looks better, though!

Amber said...

It may look better BUT the privacy was really nice and I will miss that.

Anonymous said...

Trevor is just sitting in the sandbox as if there is no big tree laying next to him!!!

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