Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Who would ever of thought that grouting would be so much fun!! Yeah right Jon would say but Trevor on the other hand would think differently. Last night Jon told him he could help as long as he listened and he did a good job. I was upstairs cleaning up after supper and Trevor yells from downstairs "mom where are you and your camera, daddy and I are working hard". That was my cue to get with it, so I took some pictures to make Trevor happy. Normally it is the opposite way and he is telling me to stop it!! In the pictures it looks like Trevor is making a mess but he is not that is what Jon told him to do, he was such a good listener.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Come and Gone

This weekend has come and gone so fast I do not even know where to start. Friday night I had to work for a little bit so Jon and Trevor just hung out at home watching TV. Saturday morning I also had to work at 6:30am so Jon got a head start on the basement project and Trevor went with Greg to Madison to finish remodeling my aunt and uncle's bathroom. Trevor had a great time playing with the kids, he was one tired boy Saturday night. We met in Madison for supper and on the way home he fell asleep and that normally does not happen.

Sunday I got crazy and decided to move all the furniture around again. The reason this started is because on Saturday Jon and I went to Rude's to look for a bed for Trevor and in looking we found a corner stand for our TV which I have wanted since we moved in. We go home to measure the TV and come to find out our TV is way toooo big and will not work on a corner stand because it will stick out to far. Then this is where it all started Jon said "well lets move the room around so it makes sense and not have the TV in the corner". So we racked our brains the rest of the day and came up with a plan. BUT the plan included moving our furniture that was in the basement upstairs because then when the baby comes we want to have a rocking chair upstairs because right now we do not. We started with the sectional upstairs and that was too big so we made it into a normal size couch so that and the big fluffy chair went down stairs and the couch and rocker down stairs came back upstairs. Good thing my brother was there to help because man did it suck! Now that this is all said and done Jon and I both agree that the layout that we have now is awesome!!!! Our living room is twice the size it ways just 2 days ago! I am not posting pictures yet, you will have to come and take a look.

Once that whole ordeal was done Jon went to work in the basement, he tore up the rest of the carpet and bathroom flooring downstairs. Then he started on the laundry room floor fixing all the tiles and getting ready to lay down the ones we had to tear up to fix the floor. He got all the old grout and broken tiles up and even glued down the new ones along with the ones that he had to cut. So that had to sit over night and now tonight he can grout the new tiles and put the trim back on and the laundry room will be done!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!! Jon does such an awesome job, you can not even tell we had to tear up the whole floor!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Show & Tell

Almost every Thursday at school is show and tell day! Trevor really looks forward to this because he loves to see what everyone brings and also what they say about what he brings. So today he brought something special. He brought a newspaper clipping that was in the Hendricks Pioneer last week. It is a picture of him and grandpa Dirk fishing at the fishing derby!

It is kind of hard to read because I scanned it but you at least get the idea!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oh Trevor

You gotta love moments like this!!

Trevor: Mom, what is work?

Me: Well it is when I do stuff for someone and then they give me money for doing it.

Trevor: Oh, you mean money to buy me trucks at the store?

Me: Laughing!!

Trevor: I love when you work mom!

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Weekend Away

I am falling behind on my blogging and it is 1 of 2 things, the first is that some days I just do not have enough times and other days I just do not have a lot to talk about. So last Thursday night Jon, Trevor, my dad and myself went to the boys SDSU basketball game and we had a great time. For me working at SDSU and getting free tickets we sure do not go enough! Trevor was great the whole game and most of all loved the hot dog my dad bought him, can you tell?

Then this past weekend we traveled to the Cities with Diane and Dennis to visit Jennifer, Chris and Jack. Diane and Jack had a birthday last week so we went to celebrate February birthdays and of course got some shopping in at the Mall of America. They had a deal where if you spent $150 dollars anywhere in the mall then you got a FREE unlimited wristband to go on rides and Trevor loved it! The lines where long since everyone probably had the wristband but he still had a great time!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Daddy's Helper

Jon has been working over time on our basement trying to get things put back together and Trevor has been at his side each and every day. We got all the concrete jack hammered up and hauled out (I should say Jon did it all) and then Monday he stayed home and got the new plumbing in and then dirt back on the top of it. So last night him and Trevor filled it back up with concrete. Jon just bought the concrete by the bag and had to haul each bag down stairs just to let you know how much work that is he hauled 20 bags at 60lbs each totaling 1200lbs man did I feel sorry for him working so hard. So they put each bag down and had to mix it with water and Trevor was a very good helper I was suprised, Jon would tell him to start mixing and he did just that.

Can you tell Trevor takes his job seriously?

During this whole project Trevor really needed to listen to Jon and at times it was tough and he got a little pouty and the one time I was done there Trevor did not like Jon's instructions so he went and stood in the corner. I went over to him and said Trevor you better help daddy he really needs you and then Jon said the same, Trevor came around the corner and said "I am not done pouting yet" Jon and I about lost it!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Diane

Today I would like to wish my mother-in-law Diane a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I was going to post some older pictures but thought I would be nice and post this one of her, Jon and Dennis. This picture was taken 2 years ago at the big party we had for them in Ivanhoe. We hope you have a good day!!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

What A MESS!

What a mess is putting it mildly!!!! Since we have finished our laundry room and everything perfect the plumbing has been acting up, like whenever I wash clothes tons of water comes out of the drain and floods the laundry room and it is gross and smells. So we knew we had to replace the pipes under the floor because the original ones are copper (Jon thinks everyone should have plastic) and where not big enough to handle the water from the washing machine, sink in the kitchen and dish washer.

Today he is home because last night we tore up the whole floor from the laundry room to the downstairs bathroom including the bathroom floor. Oh my gosh what a mess!!! He is at home as we speak putting all new piping in and then filling the floor back in with dirt and then we will pour concrete back over the top. After that is done we will have to retile the laundry room floor along with new carpeting throughout the basement. Oh yeah and replace everything in the downstairs bathroom (toilet, sink etc) since we are doing this Jon is going to redo the floor plan in that bathroom because you could hardly move in there, when we are done it is going to look awesome!!

The once perfect laundry room floor.

The hallway in the basement through the closet, all carpet is torn up and thrown away.

The wonderful bathroom!

It is a darn good thing Jon knows how to do all of this because otherwise it would of been $2,000-$5,000 to fix. Instead it is costing us around $100 for the supplies and the labor is FREE!

Jon just called to inform he that the pipe was actually broken completely in half!!! So if we would of waited any longer we would of been in trouble!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Nice Weekend

Well this past weekend was a nice one! Saturday was very nice out (that is pathetic that we think 40+ degrees is nice out) so Trevor took advantage and played outside for 2 hours in the snow. Jon worked on tiling a kitchen in Brookings so between him gone and Trevor outside I got the whole house clean and all the laundry done!

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