Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Money Snatchers.....

Well everyone with kids will know exactly what I am talking about. When you go into a mall or a store that has the rides that kids can ride for like a quarter and the ride lasts about a minute long....well I have learned to discover that I hate those things. The people that made these rides were really thinking and must be millionaire's, they put them right in the middle of everything so the kids see them and want to stop. We went to the Watertown mall and Jon said to me "Amber distract Trevor because the money snatchers are on the right". So I did my best and starting talking to Trevor hoping that he would not see them but I was wrong. Just as we got past them and thought that we were safe he looks back and says "Wow mommy look, a truck" and takes off running. Mean time Jon and I are thinking "Oh crap here we go". We were lucky enough that he only wanted to ride twice and then find something else to do but what about next time?


Anonymous said...

How cute! You should have had a grandma along - he could have gone on ride after ride!

Grammy D

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