Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Finished Product

Since Jon and I have moved in with Greg he has been working on this project out on his deck and last night he finished it. When he built his house he added a nice big deck off the back and then just recently he added an area for his new hot tub. His old hot tub got struck by lightening so he has been dealing with the insurance company for about 6 months to get a new one. Finally last week his new hot tub was delivered. Once it was in and filled up he could continue the construction around it. Everything that you see he came up with and built, so last night he finished the whole thing including the floor around the hot tub. It looks awesome!! The whole deck is stained except for the floor around the hot tub so we will finish that this weekend. I am proud of him for finishing such a long drawn out project. Now you can see that I have taken the space over and have added my lawn furniture and flowers, wow was I excited to buy flowers this year!! Good job Greg it looks great!!


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