Friday, May 11, 2007

A gift to ME

As most of you may know I am a golf addict!! This year I have decided to treat myself to a new driver. Jon's uncle Steve has a friend in Lennox who builds custom made clubs to fit you and that is just what I had him do. All he needed to know was my height so the shaft could be made accordingly. Well the head of the club is a knock off of the new Taylor Made Driver which is over $500 in a golf store but I got it for $160....that is a deal if you ask me. They even personalized it with a Taylor Made graphite is SWEET!! I am very excited about this because Jon is the one that always gets new golf equipment, 2 years ago we got him a whole new set, then last spring out neighbor sold him a R7 driver and then he got a new wedge. Me on the other hand has had the same set of clubs since my dad bought them for me in high school. The picture above is of my old driver (on the left) and my new driver (on the right). Can you tell the difference in size? Last night we went golfing, it was my first time all year and man was I pumped. The first couple of holes were rough just trying to get back into the swing of things but let me tell you after that it was SWEET!!! I love this new driver, just the sound it makes when I connect with the ball gives me chills. My old driver was small so it did not make a huge sound when I teed off but that is not the case with my new one, it makes a ping sound. The funny part of the whole story is that Jon was sucking bad with his driver last night so I told him to hit with mine for a couple of holes.....he hit the ball straight down the fairway every time with mine he could not believe it. I am telling you this club is magical!


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