Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cow Pie Bingo

Yesterday while I was eating lunch I asked a few of my employees that where sitting next to me how their weekend was and most of them just did the usual "alright". Then one of older ladies out of the blue says "well I played cow pie bingo on Saturday night" I stopped and looked at her and said "what did you say"? And sure enough I heard her right, she played cow pie bingo. Most of you are probably wondering what that is, well I will fill you in because I think it is hilarious.

The town of Arlington had their celebration last weekend and they blocked off main street and drew squares on the road with a number in each square and people can bet up to $5 on a square. You are betting on which square the cow will poop in first and the person who wins gets the whole jackpot which was around $200. She said the game took 2 hours before the cow did her business and then it started all over again......only in South Dakota!


Jennifer said...

Oh that is crazy! Initially I thought it had something to do with touching the cow pies. This sounds much better...still odd though! What do they do if the cow poops on the line between two squares? Who's the poop judge?

Amber said...

That is a great question I will have to ask.

Anonymous said...

it must be the square with the most poop :)

Anonymous said...

we could probably play that at the lake with dogs ha ha

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