Thursday, September 18, 2008

Not much going on

This week as been pretty slow and I have not really had a lot to post about. I just picked Trevor up from school and it is going really good, he is 2 weeks in already. This week they started to have a letter of the week and of course it was A this week. Today he painted with apples and he loved it and managed to not get any on his clothes. The first couple of days at school he wet his pants because he was too scared to tell anyone and was just not used to the environment but now things are good and he has gone to the bathroom all week.

During the second week of October the class is taking a field trip to the pumpkin patch here in Brookings and Jon and I have signed up to be parent supervisor's so we are all looking forward to that, Treovr is looking forward to riding in the bus out there.

Jon is finishing up his gun cabinet that he has been working hard on and then I will share that with you but other wise it is work, school, eat and sleep this week. We have a big wedding this weekend with the groomsmen dinner tomorrow night and wedding Saturday so it will be a busy weekend. I hope everyone is having a good week!


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