Monday, September 15, 2008

In the Dog Kennel

Yesterday was nice enough to be outside for a while so while Jon was staining boards for his gun cabinet he is building Trevor was playing with his buddy Mydland and I was catching up on laundry in the house. I went outside to see if Trevor had to go to the bathroom and he was no where to be found and Jon was just laughing. Then I heard "mommy come here and find me" here Jon locked them both into the dog kennel because that is what Trevor wanted. What a crazy kid!

I think Trevor is having way more fun then Mydland!!


dhealy said...

What a crazy kid!! I love the hat...


Jennifer said...

Was he pretending to be a dog in the third photo?

That seems like a good place to keep him. :)

Amber said...

Yeah he was acting like his dog he told me.

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