Monday, April 2, 2007

Best Pancake Maker in town!

Well my little bean woke up Sunday morning and wanted pancakes!! He loves pancakes he eats more then I ever thought he would be able to. So we got all the ingredients out and started to make pancakes. After putting the mix, oil, egg and milk together Trevor was more then excited to start stirring. He LOVES to stir things!! When we go out to eat he will get his spoon and stir the ice and water in his glass. When he takes a bath we need to have a pot and spoon in the tub for him to stir, I am telling you next to loving water this kid loves to stir. So anyways I set him on the counter and let him stir the batter. He cracked me up the whole time because he was concentrating so hard that his mouth was wide open and tongue sticking out (just like his dad would do). He stirred for a good 15 minutes and then when it came time to make the pancakes it was "wow mommy look" as I put them on the griddle. Once we were finished with breakfast he was mad because he wanted to still stir so I added some water to the messy bowl and let him continue to stir, within 20 minutes it was all over the floor. So if you are ever in need of a great pancake helper feel free to give Trevor a call.


Anonymous said...

We LOVE pancakes and need a pancake helper!!!

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