Monday, April 30, 2007

Border Walleye Challenge

Well my husband went to a fishing tournament this weekend with Corey up on Big Stone Lake to fish the border walleye challenge, they left on Thursday and came home Saturday night. Yes, believe it or not they won! They got 7th place out of 100 by catching their limit of 6 walleyes and a total weight of 11.04 lbs. They received $500 for 7th place and then Corey won a drawing for another $50 so all together they ended up with $550! Way to go boys. Now it is fishing like this that I can handle, I told Jon he could go again and again if he comes home with money like this every time. The grand prize for 1st place was $2000 and the guys who won that had 6 walleyes and 14.08 lbs so you can see it was a close tournament and they were not far off from 1st place. The funniest thing about this whole story is that Jon got sooooo excited about the fishing that he forgot to wear sunblock and he is as red as a tomato!! His feet are going to have blisters from getting so sunburned. I do feel sorry for him!


Amber said...

Corey is the same way...RED! However I don't feel sorry for him! HA!

Anonymous said...

Awesome that they won, but sorry to hear about the sunburn. :(

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