Thursday, April 12, 2007

More Easter Fun!

Well remember when I said that we had a very busy weekend? I was not kidding!! Here are some more pictures of our weekend. This slide show is of the Healy Easter Dinner on Saturday night. We got to together at Dennis and Diane's house and made Kumla for dinner and had Easter Cake with pink frosting for dessert. Trevor then had to take a bath from the frosting all over and getting soaked because he was playing in the kitchen sink full of water. We then hid Easter eggs for Trevor to find around the house, which he did very good at except for when he would shake the egg and all the candy would come flying out. But he thought that was really funny!! Great Grandma gave him eggs with cars and trucks in them and boy did he like those, he still hangs on to them day and night. Last night I went to check on him after he had went to sleep and there was his new yellow truck in his HAND! We had a fun weekend although it was very long.


Amber said...

What is kumla?

Anonymous said...

Well first you cook a ham and then you grind up potatoes and add flour and then roll into balls. Then you drop the balls into the water that you cooked the ham and cook for an hour and you have kumla. It is kind of like dumplings. It is really good!

Anonymous said...

I almost feel like I was there. :)

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