Thursday, April 5, 2007

Logan Pearson

Most of you would think that this little cutie pie is related to me since I had the same last name but you are wrong. When we lived at our home on Yorktown Circle Lucas and Trish Pearson were our ironic is that. When we first moved in and saw the mail box we thought the builder of our home messed up because the address was wrong but it had my maiden name on it. As we had come to find out that was the last name of our neighbors and I was NOT even related to them....weird!! Anyways they got pregnant and Logan was supposed to be born after we came back from our Florida trip, this made me happy because I wanted to be there to meet this little person. Things had changed and Trish got a job in Sioux Falls working for Aramark so they found a house in Brandon and moved before he was born. The neighborhood was never the same again! Logan was born in November and I was super excited because we did not leave for Florida for another week so I finally got to meet the little sweetie. Now he is 4 months old already, Trish sent me his 3 months pictures and I just had to post them. We miss our neighbors all the time and wait for them to move back....hee hee!


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