Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Another Rummage Sale Bargain

Well it has happened again!!! I found Trevor something at a rummage sale that he is in love with. I found a lego table and he thinks it is the best thing ever......he will sit and play for hours and let me tell you for him to sit for that long is amazing. The table, 2 chairs and legos were only $5 and if you ask me that is a great deal. It is amazing to me his hand and eye coordination when it comes to this. He will pull my leg and say "come on mommy, play legos" then he will pull a chair out and say "sit" it is very cute. Have I mentioned how much I love rummage sales!!


Anonymous said...

That table looks so cute - he should be able to use that for a long time. We've always known that he is a genius so of course he can handle legos too!
Gramma Diney

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