Thursday, May 10, 2007

Wednesday Night is Mom's Night

Well it has started again, Wednesday Night is Mom's night. Every Wednesday night Jon golfs league in Hendricks so Trevor and I get to do fun stuff together. My friend Marty also is a single mom on Wednesday nights because her husband works late so we have gotten together in the last couple of years and have taken advantage of no husbands. It is fun now with Trevor getting older and he is also able to do more things. She has 2 boys and they are 4 & 6 so it is fun to see them interact with Trevor. Last night we went out to their house so the boys could play for awhile and boy did they find things to do. They are pouring concrete at their house and so they had a couple of sand piles to level out but the boys found a better use for them. Trevor was not sure what to think to begin with but after a few minutes he was getting dirty with the rest of them. A little while later Marty and I were visiting and I looked up and Trevor had bolted like a flash of lightening he was gone. I got up in a panic and saw that he had headed toward the sand box and swing set but then once I really looked I saw that he had found the boy's battery operated vehicles and was DRIVING IT!! He hopped right on and took right off, the gas was too the floor. This is funny because my mom and dad had asked me about getting him one of those for his birthday and we were debating if he was too small yet, well I think they got there answer he is ready and he LOVED IT. He had nothing but smiles the whole time or at least until the battery went dead.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! How fast does it go? Trevor is going to be a terror if he gets one of those. ;)

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