Friday, June 1, 2007

27 Years of Marriage

Well yesterday my parents celebrated there 27Th Wedding Anniversary!! If you sit back and think about it, that is a long time. So you would think that with all the moving and crazy things that have been going on in the past month that they would spend the evening going to a nice dinner or out to a movie.....yeah right!! We went to Hendricks to see them and give them there present. They did everything but relax. They built 2 sets of town homes over the past 3 years and so last night they spent the evening landscaping the last town home they built. I mean landscaping is work not just a busy job but work, those of you who have done it know what I am talking about. So of course we pitched in and helped out, even Trevor. (This kid does it all laundry, making pancakes and laundry) He had more fun then any of us. (note: he was wearing his pj's because he was cleaned up for the evening and it was going to be a nice relaxing night at grandma and grandpa's) They were planting flowers so he would help shovel the dirt, put in the plant in and then fill with dirt and of course WATER. It as a crazy night and I still can not believe that is how they celebrated!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Dirk and Judy!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Trevor had lots of fun - especially watering the plants!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amber,

I enjoyed your last two blogs, but it didn't show the picture of Jon and Trevor dancing, it was just black, so they must have been "dancing in the dark". Tell your folks "Happy Anniversary", I really admire their work ethics!"

Anonymous said...

Hi Amber, (again)

I forgot to sign that last comment I sent to you, so better sign this one!
Grandma Mydland

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