Monday, July 2, 2007

4th of July Weekend Part 1

Well it was another crazy weekend. Since the 4th is on Wednesday I am not sure what weekend to call the 4th so I will have a weekend part 1 and a weekend part 2. Well our weekend started off with heading to Hendricks on Friday night, when we got to my mom and dad's house mom gave Trevor a hat she had bought him in the Cities and I laughed because I did not think he would wear it BUT I was wrong.....he wore it all weekend! The slideshow goes in order so it started with Friday night, then Saturday morning and then Saturday night so you can see he is wearing his hat all weekend. Friday night was the street dance in Hendricks and it was a GREAT time!! I know that most people do not like street dances or polish days but Jon and I think that is the best time of year because you get to see you friends or classmates that you have not seen in months or years. In this case about 1/2 of the girls I graduated high school with were there and it was a great time to catch up and dance the night you can see from the slideshow. GOOD TO SEE YOU GIRLS!! Then Saturday morning we took Trevor down to the park were they had the fun run so he got to play on the new slide and park equipment for a while. Then we went for a 2 hour boat ride with Cindy and Danny around the lake. It was the perfect day for a boat ride, it was hot out and the lake was calm. Then we took a much needed nap for 3 HOURS!! Saturday night Trevor went with my mom and dad to Chester to my cousin's confirmation and so Jon and I went out to the derby........this is becoming a HUGE Hendricks tradition!! (This is there 5th year of having it) Every year a group of guys from Hendricks get a bunch of crappy cars and have a demolition derby. It started out as no big deal but now it is part of the list of activites all around town on the 4th of July weekend. Saturday night there was 400+ people that came from all over to watch. Steve Hemmingson from KELO LAND news was the announcer. It is FREE and they served tacos in a bag to benefit cancer. You bring your lawn chair and a beverage of your choice and enjoy the show. It lasted about 4 hours....I would seem like the kind not to go to something like this but it was awesome!! We saw 1 car catch on fire and a million fall apart into pieces. The Hendricks Fire Department and Ambulance are there the whole time just in case something happens.....I am telling you it is a huge deal. I saw people I knew from Volga & Brookings. If you have not been there before or have even heard of it you better check it out next year!!


dhealy said...

Looks like a great time! I love Trevor's hat - he's never been a "hat" kind of guy so that must be changing! What was with the cigarette in my son's hand?

Jennifer said...

FUN! Amber, why don't you get a derby car for next year? You know I will be there to see that!!

Amber said...

Mert are you kidding me there is no way I would drive a car they would kill me. Hey are really mean and rough. I will only get a car in it if you ride with me!!!

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