Thursday, July 26, 2007

Left Handed?

Well, do we have a left handed little boy or a right handed little boy? Every now and then he changes and I do not think he knows which hand he is going to use! Last night he was drawing and writing on his magna doodle and he would switch off and use both hands. Maybe he will take after grandma Judy and uncle Jack and be left handed.....who knows? What do you think?


Amber said...

Left handed people are cool...just ask Shayla, Raena and I!

Jennifer said...

He looks pretty comfortable with the pen in his left hand!

Anonymous said...

Austin and Trevor will have something in common. Austin is predominantly left handed, but he can do almost anything right or left handed. Maybe they can work together and both play major league baseball (being able to hit (r) or (l) handed) (pitch hitter??)

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