Monday, July 16, 2007

Arts in the Park & The Emergency Room

Well it was another very exciting weekend for the Healy's!! It was the annual Brookings Arts Festival this weekend and I was ready!! I always go with my friend Marty and we have a guy that lives right next to the park that lets us park at his house so we do not have to walk so far. If you have to park 10 miles away by the time you walk to the park you are so tired you can not enjoy the day. So it is our tradition is that we leave the kids with the husbands and we go!! Jon and Trevor went with Jon's parents to the lake on Friday night because Jon HATES Arts in the Park and I would never want to drag Trevor around all day in the hot weather because it would be no fun for him!! This year we thought we would try something different and go really early in the morning. Our plan was the be at the park by 7am.....the park opens at 9am and the other side of the street opens at 8am but everyone always opens early for the early morning shoppers. So once we got to the house were we park we realized the owner was not up yet so we thought we would drive around and see what we could find.....nothing!! All the vendors had big trailers and campers taking up all the streets and then Marty said "hey I know the manager at Casey's maybe she will let us park next to her car on the side of the building" so she went to check and came back smiling. She said "no" we could not park next to her BUT they shut the front 2 pumps off for better traffic flow and said "go ahead and park next to the pump like you are putting gas on".......I was laughing because I thought she was kidding but she wasn't and so that is where we parked for FREE!!! It was the best spot because Casey's was right in the middle and also 25 steps from all the booths.......I am telling you it is all about who you know! I also have included a picture of my favorite is a sign that was made right there with our last name in the background and our names in the front with our wedding date, I thought it was a very cute idea and it is also something you can not buy at any store. Overall it was a great day because we were done shopping by 11am, it was awesome!! When we started in the morning no one was there, it was not hot and best of all we were not fighting other people for the last one of this or the last one of that. We are definitely doing this again next year!!!

So I drove up to the lake Saturday afternoon and spent time with the family up there and we came home early on Sunday morning. So we thought our weekend was finally calming down and we could spend the rest of the day relaxing, well we were wrong and ended up in the Emergency Room with Trevor!! After his nap yesterday he was fine and he was acting normal and when we sat down for supper I noticed Trevor's leg was really puffy and pink. Once I looked at it I noticed a nasty bite, I showed Jon and we decided to watch it and see what would happen. Within half an hour his leg had doubled and was really warm, so I called the emergency room and told them our situation and the nurse said bring him in right away. By the time we arrived at the hospital his leg was huge and red all over, as most of you would know I was freaking out!!!! The doctor looked at it and said it was a nasty bite of some kind and Trevor had a small reaction to it. He gave us a prescription for cream and told us to keep heat on it if possible. He also said it would get bigger and turn a dark black color...scary!! He said if this would of happened around his eye both of his eyes would of been swollen shut. I feel so bad for him because it hurts to walk on his leg because it is so swollen. We still do not know what bit him but I got up and checked on him like every minute and put cream on it. I posted a picture so you can see his leg before bed last night. What a scary situation!


Anonymous said...

Our poor little boy! What did the doctor think it was? I'm glad you too him into the doctor...

Jennifer said...

Oh no! At least he isn't in pain. I hope the swelling goes down soon.

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