Tuesday, July 31, 2007

100th POST!

Can you believe it, this is my 100th POST! My how the time has flown, it seems just like yesterday that I decided to start a blog. I have really enjoyed it and plan to keep doing it for a long time. Who needs a scrap book when they have a blog? Most people would list 100 things about something but I do not have that kind of time nor do I want to come up with 100 things about something so you are just going to have to settle for some interesting news!!

My sister-in-law (Jennifer) and her husband currently live in Florida but just last week she has accepted a job in Minneapolis!!! Yeah, this means that she is just going to be a car ride away instead of a plane ride. This also means she will be able to be home for every holiday and polish days and birthday parties. We can not wait and are VERY excited!! Last but not least this means she can spend more time with Trevor!!


Anonymous said...

This blog has been such fun but I can't believe that it has been 100 entries - way to go! I really enjoy reading all of them...

Jennifer said...

Hooray! We're very excited. Don't plan on us for every holiday, though. Remember, Chris has a family too. :)

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