Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mercedes Benz SCL600

Alright so I got this e-mail and I had to show everyone because to me this is too crazy!! This is the new Mercedes Benz, I have no clue how much it is but holy smokes this is cool. The outside looks somewhat like something from outer space but the inside looks like controls to a space ship. The doors to get in open up like the big expensive cars but the inside is what I want to comment on. First of all it has a TV in the front, now why the heck would you design a car like that, talk about an accident waiting to happen! Second of all there is no steering wheel it is a joy stick and if you ask me it would take forever to learn how to run that thing. And not to mention all the other buttons.....I will have to do more research but maybe this thing drives itself and that is why there are so many luxuries, who knows!! It is pretty classy though if you ask me!


Jennifer said...

That's a pretty revolutionary car!!! If they make one that drives for you I will be the first to sign up. They already have ones that maintain speed and parallel park, so this is the next step!

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