Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A Fresh Start

Well my brother listed his house 5 months ago with Century 21 and houses in his price range take longer to sell because the buyer is very picky and a lot of people could build a house for this price. Anyways in those 5 months the realtor that he had was awful! He did not do anything for marketing such as only posting 7 pictures on-line instead of 40 or more (this is the way it should be done, I used to work at Best Choice and I was told the more pictures the better because then people looking at homes on-line got a better feel for the home and could decided yes I would like to look at it in person or no this home would not suit me and I will not waste my agents time to look at the home in person) and in those 5 months he only had 2 open houses and there should of been at least 5 (one per month). So as time went on nothing got done so Greg's contract was up with them and I talked him into switching to the BEST which is Best Choice Real Estate (the one I used to work for). So his house is getting a fresh new start with a different price, tons of pictures that are going to be put on the website on Friday and a virtual tour!! I talked him into listing it with the agent we are working with so I helped her take the photos and get information on the house it was fun and it made me realize how much I missed my old job. Check out his home with a fresh new start on Friday at and let me know what you think. (1834 Ranger Circle) I just love real estate it is so exciting and there are soo many cool houses in Brookings!!


Anonymous said...

Well, I hope Greg has better luck with a new company and agent but not such good luck that you are without a home before you are ready!!!

Anonymous said...

Not only are you pics awesome....that house is GORGEOUS!!!! Why do they want to sell it?

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