Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Happy Birthday Joel & Jerett

Well Sunday afternoon we went to Joel and Jerett's birthday party and we had a blast!! Joel just turned 7 and Jerett just turned 5. They had tons of fun things for kids to do like 2 water slides and a big bouncy thing to jump in. I have known Jeremy & Marty for 5 years now and have loved every minute of being there friends. I first met Jeremy & Marty when they took over the fireside in the Staurolite Inn and I worked at the front desk. I started as there babysitter right when Jerett was born and then we found out that we all have the SAME birthday (Marty, Jeremy and ME) they had to show me there driver's license to prove it. And then we found out we had soo much in common and always had a good time together. When Jon was over sea's Jeremy and Marty were my family in Brookings and helped me get through all the hard times, without them around keeping me busy it would of been hard to go through. Here we are today 5 years later and we are all still great friends.
Thanks for a great time at the party and Happy Birthday Boys!!

Joel, Marty and Jerett holding the cake while everyone sang "Happy Birthday"

Joel & his girlfriend Charlotte

Trevor and his daycare buddy Levi taking a break from the water slides

Trevor & Ashley (Ashley's mom is Trevor's daycare lady)


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