Thursday, August 2, 2007

Myth Busters about Coffee

Alright so the last three days I have been at a coffee training for managers. A rep from Java City came to SDSU along with manager's from other accounts and we were all filled in on how to do thing's for the fall and how some things would be different. (Since we all run Java Cities) I do not know that much about coffee but I did learn a few things that I always thought were true but I have come to find out that they are just myth busters. So for some common knowledge here we go:

Myth Buster #1: The darker the coffee the less caffeine it has in it. I had always heard that it was the other way around. If someone is tired generally they say give me the darkest cup of coffee that you make, thinking that it is loaded with caffeine but come to find out that is not the case!

Myth Buster #2: Never store coffee in a fridge or freezer because it loses its flavor quickly and becomes stale because of the temperature change. Now this I know that I have heard from more then one person, well I guess they were wrong!

Information Tidbit: Brazil is the largest producer of coffee in the world! They produce 38 million bags of coffee a year on 230,000 farms.....holy smokes that is a lot of coffee!!

I hope all of this was informative!


Anonymous said...

Well, you are learning about my favorite beverage so you've got me interested!

Jennifer said...

Interesting facts, Mrs. Java City!!

I used to keep my coffee in the freezer but learned that same thing a few months ago. Now I keep it in the pantry!

I have a hard time believing the first one, though. To make darker coffee, you use more coffee grounds. How could that have less caffeine than fewer coffee grounds? Do you mean the darker types of coffee (the beans) have less caffeine? I believe that one! :)

Amber said...

Yes I mean the darker types of beans which makes a darker coffee has less caffeine. Like our Irish coffee that we sell is the darkest bean and the strongest flavor but yet it has less caffeine in it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Amber---
Okay so I think this is how I am supposed to leave the message...your comments on here are so cute!! I don't know if you drink coffee but Jeff and I have become big coffee drinkers these working days of our lives, ha ha. Well I will see you in a couple days!

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