Friday, August 31, 2007

A Fun Night

Well last night we traveled to Madison to visit the Rost Family. We all ate pizza and then Jon and Corey sighted in their guns and then saved money (as they call it) by filling there own bullets. Anyways so Amber 2 and I took the kids to the park and after they played for a while we went to another park. Then we jumped on the trampoline and then played on the slides, it was a night filled with excitement! Trevor and Raena get along really well together so it made it fun to watch them play so good together.

Then I went through Amber's purse collection (she sells purses now) and found myself tons that I loved and settled on a green one....I love it!! I can not wait to go back and buy more, call her if you want to book a party!! Thanks for a great time Rost Family!!


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