Friday, August 3, 2007

Juror Summons

Most people always think few certain things will ever happen to them. For example our accounts payable lady at work has been summons THREE times to appear in court as a juror. To me that is crazy but I guess some people have luck of the draw, the reason I say this is because that same lady also won $50,000 last year on a powerball ticket for matching all the numbers except the powerball and then she also power played in and the number was 5 so you take $10,000 times 5 = $50,000.

The moral of my story is that last night when I got home I opened up the mailbox and found something I did not ever think that I would find......a Juror Summons to ME!!! They sent me a form to fill out and asked me a million questions and said once I filled this sheet out and sent it back in they would let me know if I was the one that they had chosen. EVERYONE better cross there fingers and hope that I am one that does not get picked. I do not mean this in a bad way because yes I am a registered voter it is just that IF I get called it will be from 10/1/07 - 12/31/07 if the trial lasts that long. And also some of the cases around here are disturbing, like a babysitter who hurts little kids or a young boy who seriously hurt his mom. I do not want to be the one to decide what should happen to that person in the next month or year. Do you know what I mean??


Jennifer said...

I hope you don't get called! If you do, just make sure when they ask you questions that all your opinions are very extreme and they won't pick you (hopefully). :)

Anonymous said...

Dennis just got a notice too and had to fill out that survey too but there aren't many trials in Lincoln County so I wouldn't think he would have to serve very long. Brookings, on the other hand, might have lots of trial action!

Anonymous said...

amber~ i'm a little disappointed that your new question poll doesn't work...haha...i was really looking foward to giving you my answer!

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