Friday, April 11, 2008

12 Out

Well today at work I am out 12 full time employees because of the horrible weather. If you want to see super woman perform please stop by at anytime today you will get a show worth watching.


Jennifer said...

You're hilarious! I'm sorry to hear that, but know you're doing an awesome job!

How is it that you could make it to work but the 12 others can't?

Amber said...

I live in town and the 12 that called in live at least 20 miles from Brookings. They closed the interstate 29 so you know it is bad.

Amber said...

Can you video tape yourself so we can watch?
Corey went into work about 11 (In Brookings) he said it wasn't that bad. Alot of the snow on the road had melted by then.

Anonymous said...

I hope your company appreciates your dedication! All those starving college students are happy that you're there, I bet!

Amber said...

Amber Kay most of my employees had to be here around 5am and would be done around 1pm so that is why they all decided to stay home, it was still bad at that time.

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