Friday, April 18, 2008

Kids, Kids & More Kids

When we moved into our neighborhood it was during the winter months so we never saw our neighbors because it was too cold out. Well since it has gotten nice out we have noticed a lot of kids that live in our neighborhood and most of them are 2-8 which is the perfect age for Trevor to have someone play with.

Well last night I was not planning on being outside a whole lot just enough to get the car clean BUT once we got home the 2 kids across the street came over and asked if Trevor could play. He was in heaven so they all got their bikes and rode down our hill in our backyard. But then more neighbor kids came over and then more after that. At one time I stood there and counted and there were 11 of them. How fun is that??


Anonymous said...

How great is that? Trevor will have such fun with all those kids...

Jennifer said...

That's great!

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