Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Well this time of year in Brookings it is the annual Brookings City Wide clean up. What this means is anything you have that is junk and you no longer want all you have to do it haul it out to the curb and the city comes by and picks it up for you. Residents could start filling up there curbs on Sunday and our part of the town gets picked up first starting next Monday. I am telling you people put everything out there from toilets, trees, fridges to stoves. It is very amazing to see the stuff that is laying out but what is more funny is the people we go curb shopping and pick up other people's stuff.

Last night we cleaned out our garage, basement and even did some landscaping (cutting down a little ugly pinetree and trimmed some branches) and hauled it all out to the curb. No more then 15 minutes later a guy stopped and did some shopping and found a few things and was on this way. Jon just called me and reported that our pile went from heaping high to hardly anything left other then the branches and the little ugly pine tree.

I do have to admit my brother and I do on occation go curb shopping but what we find always works and is always a good deal. Two years ago we saw what we thought was a fridge and we were going to use it in his garage but once we got it home and pluged in we found out it was a freezer but of course you always have room for a freezer and still to this day it has worked like a charm......rememeber this was sitting on someone's curb. So I should not say everything is junk because 98% of it is but there is always that other 2%.

You know what they say one man's junk is another man's treasure!!


Anonymous said...

I think Brookings should advertise "Junk Week" just like Sioux Falls advertises their big rummage sales - it could be as big as the Arts Festival!!!

Jennifer said...

It's great that people do this! So much better to give it away than to have it go into the landfill.

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