Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nice Weather

Yesterday was one of the nicest days that we have had in a long time, my car reported 76. From the minute we got home until the minute it got dark out we were all outside. Trevor just loved playing trucks, riding his bikes and of course getting into trouble.
He has found the coolest new bike ramp to ride down. Jon was using it to haul stuff but Trevor had a better idea.
Yep he is going down backwards.

And of course he still loves going down the big hill in the backyard.


Jennifer said...

What a wild man! I'm glad he won't have his bike here this weekend - he'd probably ride it right into the creek!

Amber said...

He probably would and the funny part is the whole time he was riding down the hill he was laughing so hard and did not watch where he was going so he crashed and then laughed even harder. I should try and get a video of him laughing when he does that it is just hilarious.

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